What the hell is wrong with Conseil Electoral Provisoire?

For those ones that are not familiar with Conseil Electoral Provisoire, it’s functionally the equivlent of Elections Canada in Haiti. Why am I so interested in Haiti? I don’t know.


Anyways, CEP was censured again. This time by a joint committee of 30 presidential candidates. [1] This time, the committee that brought down Jude Célestin and Charles-Henri Baker in 2010 is in the centre of media storm again. According to CEP’s Wikipedia (which I indeed wrote, originally translated from Haitian constitution of 1987 defining CEP’s powers and responsibilities), CEP is supposed to do the following:

  • Ensuring confidence building among key actors involved in the electoral process;
  • Establish the balance between the various political players in the race, hence the role of arbiter.
  • Organize and supervise elections.
  • Enforce the election legislation throughout the national territory.
  • Ensure elections are held freely, credibly and transparently.
  • Intervening in the mobilization and coordination of activities related to electoral information.
  • Provide input in developing the legal framework for the electoral process.

However, I personally do not believe that CEP had accomplished any of these. In a recent documentary published by Pras Michel, “Sweet Micky for President;” Pras Michel revealed that in the 2010 election, in order to help the electoral campaign of Michel Martelly, their band Fugees made an effect to help Martelly’s campaign, and finally elected Martelly.

I am not here writing essays, so I will skip all technical details. Well known Haitian-American rapper Wyclef Jean recently endorsed Jude Célestin as the Haitian candidate that he desires. He published a song in order to help Jude’s presidential campaign.

In response, Olivier Martelly published a song endorsing Jovenel Moïse.

For informational purpose: Michel is Olivier’s father.


So what is wrong with Conseil Electoral Provisoire? For a country like Haiti, the government will never stop from corruption unless excessive international austerities are in place and enforced. CEP committed no significant error; even if they did, they did so under government’s order as the CEP is a governmental agency. What is really wrong with CEP is their partisan affiliation and governmental ties.[2]

  1. “Calls for transparency joined by 30 more presidential candidates”. Haitian Sentinel. 2015-12-07. Retrieved 2015-12-03.
  2. “Mission” (in French). CEP Haiti. Retrieved 2015-12-08.

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