What(and where) is the future for Haiti?

I was pretty much bored after spending five hours outside taking pictures of my city. My incessant nature kept me awake and functional after getting home and made my butt contact my usual chair.

I opened Wikipedia and its latest Spanish general election page, wondering who the next premier of Spain will be. I don’t think a plenty of the progressive PSOE and Podemos followers will like another mandate of Rajoy, so I opened Pedro Sánchez’s biographic page. The PSOE secretary-general’s Wikipedia page is pretty much a stub, contrasting with that of both Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Iglesias. I decided to rewrite Mr. Sanchez’s English-language Wikipedia page. After pretty much getting the job done, I was bored again. So I opened my edit-analysis page on WMFLabs that showed Mr. Sanchez’s page became my most-edited. The second-most is “Haitian presidential election, 2015. I was astonished that no one had edited the page for over a week even though the news of postponing election aired on the 22th! Oh excuse poor me, 22th was my SAT score date.


And then I was on Sentinel to find a resource that proves the election had been postponed. Oh f**k me, the election is today if it wasn’t postponed. Having discovered the website for a month or so, I never realized the copyright statement of Sentinel is actually issued by a company called “Save Haiti LLC”..


Being an uninformed foreigner who is interested in Haiti is difficult. I mean, at least I have Prosper Avril’s “From Glory to Disgrace” to read. One day I have to hire an interpreter and go to Haiti. To help, survey and conserve this island-nation that could be just like Nouvelle Calédonie, Martinique et Guadelope.

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