Month: January 2016

Impact of Montgomery v. Louisiana

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, all opinions are personal. Petitioner Montgomery was 17 years old in 1963, when he killed a deputy sheriff in Louisiana. The jury returned a verdict of “guilty without capital punishment,” which carried an automatic sentence of life without parole. Nearly 50 years after Montgomery was taken into custody, this […]

How is Malaysia being democratic, or “democratic”?

Yes, almost three years had already been passed since Malaysia’s 2013 general election. Now Anwar is sitting in his prison cell in Kedah for a charge that does not even exist in the British Common Law instead of Office of Prime Minister in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital.   Pakatan Rakyat won Malaysia’s general election by popular […]

Will Haiti ever host this election?

It seems crystal clear that Haiti and its government are unable to appease Jude Celestin, the opposition candidate to participate in this election,but is that so? The runoff was supposed to be held on December 27th, but it is January 27th today, and there are still no signs of an election coming off.   Haiti’s […]