Will Haiti ever host this election?

It seems crystal clear that Haiti and its government are unable to appease Jude Celestin, the opposition candidate to participate in this election,but is that so? The runoff was supposed to be held on December 27th, but it is January 27th today, and there are still no signs of an election coming off.


Haiti’s central electoral committee, or Conseil Electoral Provisoire,  only has four active members remaining, including Pierre-Louis Opont, the president. [1] The disheartened council cancelled the January 24th runoff in order to let Martelly serve as caretaker president, as such case is unprecedented. Per Haitian constitution article 149, the president of the supreme court shall serve as the president, but Martelly may not leave office until a new president is elected. Such election may take a long period of civil mollification that might destroy the electoral process altogether. The postponed legislative election also unexpectedly extended the term of any active legislators, and has prevented recently elected parliamentarians to take office.



This country’s electoral process also contributed to this ill-fated election. Laurent Lamothe, prime minister of Haiti during 2012 and 2015, commented that “the country is a victim of this electoral process. The CEP has a lack of credibility and poses arbitrary actions without explanations.” [2] A year earlier, the CEP disqualified Lamothe without a certificat d’charge, a special process that requires parliamentary approval. Lamothe condemned the lack of transparency and public monitoring in the electoral process.


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