Elections in Haiti – Hardly a Win for Democracy

Part I: History of Democracy in Haiti

Part II: Elections in Haiti

Part III: Problems Facing Haitian Implementation of Democracy

Part IV: A Comparative Situation


When Charles-Henri Baker, a candidate for presidency in Haiti was interviewed by Miami Herald in 2010, his comment about Haitian democracy was shocking.

“Look, go out and vote, don’t stay home, you stay home they are going to vote for you, and you might not like what you get.”

It would possibly sound insane to some that a “democratic election” with “domestic and international monitor” could be easily altered. Unlike elections in more developed countries, election in semi-democratic countries is never appealing enough to demonstrate the real merit of democracy.

This essay will be broken into four parts. In part one, the essay will discuss the history of election in Haiti; in part two, the essay will discuss how elections work in the current-day Haiti; in part three, the essay will discuss problems facing Haitian democracy and how it could be improved; in part four and the final part, the essay will discuss how other semi-democratic countries transform into full democracy or turn back into authoritarian regimes.






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