What does it mean to be human?

“If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you are not one of those that will.”

–Jacque Fresco


With so much technological advances, the world has become interconnected. For example, one could easily access news in the United States from Indonesia with adequate internet connections. While creating convenience is an important portion of these technological advances, their real value is to expose the negatives and promote the positives around the globe. People living under authoritarian regimes can have access to modern, progressive American and European medias to learn that the regimes that they are living in are oppressive and has certain rooms to improve. Analogously, people living in pluralistic regimes can learn that they do not live in perfect world and the world has so many flaws to conquer.


Only 78 out of 167 countries worldwide has democratic institutions that can be considered open and transparent. Even so, not all these countries have completely flawless democratic systems. While Americans comment that they are living in slave conditions under corporate influences constantly pushing the government to work in the corporates’ favor, people living in Africa might not know what government is, and if they do know, their knowledge of government is likely much worse than that of Americans. Human conditions are relative.


Our world has flaws, and these flaws are so deeply locked in the existing orders of the world, but they are not insurmountable. It is a part of the human nature to progress, and eventually one day humans will progress to a state that most humans living on the planet can find a satisfying live in the place that they are living in. Bernie Sanders’s grassroot movement did not attract a support large enough to alter American political landscape completely, but there will be a Bernie Sanders II, a Bernie Sanders III, and a Bernie Sanders Eleven Million promote the activism and replace the politics of fear with the politics of hope. Unfortunately, if we all sit home and remain silent, nothing will change, but if we actively protest and outspokenly express, something will happen.

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