Hillary Clinton and Haiti

Almost every group of African-Americans voted for Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly over Bernie Sanders. However, there is an exception–Haitian Americans. Haitian Americans in Florida favored Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton on a large margin.


For multiple reasons, there is just simply no reason to support Hillary Clinton for president for a Haitian-American, unless they are disattached from their home country for too long–exemplified by Rep. Mia Love (R-UT).


  • Hillary Clinton and the State Department pushed for lower minimum wage in Haiti. Haiti has one of the cheapest labor–skilled or unskilled–worldwide. According to World Development Index published by the World Bank, in 2012, 70.99% of the Haitian population are living under $3.10 a day, one of the highest percentages in the world. In 2009, Haiti’s legislature passed a bill that would almost triple the minimum wage from 24 cents per hour to 61 cents per hour. This bill had met with significant oppositionns from the industries–utilizing slave like labor is one of the best ways to earn profit–and the United States embassy. President Preval vetoed the bill. Hillary Clinton, although not directly involved in the incident, was indeed secretary of state at the time.
  • Haiti’s elections are met full with frauds. I had written articles on this issue previously. The state department favored Michel Martelly, a singer who is an American permanent resident and definitely an American ally, to win the presidential race over either Mirlande Maniget or Jude Celestin, Haiti’s CEP disqualified Celestin from the 2011 race, enabling Martelly to enter runoff with Maniget, which he later won.
  • Martelly’s governing, although not viewed extremely unfavorably by Haitians, involved widespread corruption allegations, further enhancing the doubt on Clinton’s ability to lead America if she chose a leader who is notoriously corrupt in Haiti.
  • State department refused funding Haiti’s elections, forcing Haitians to use inferior electoral devices and prone to fraud.

Therefore, I can’t think of a reason why a Haitian-American would vote for Hillary Clinton, even in the general election against Donald Trump. We have already seen Haitian Americans going to the polls supporting Bernie Sanders in historic volumes (and this is documented by mainstream medias), in the general election Trump might also receive this surge and may (there is a very small probability of Haitian-Americans tipping Florida to Trump but certainly possible) win Florida with the support of Haitian-Americans, whose abhorrence for Clinton is obvious.

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