Month: October 2016

Wisconsin Senate–Is Johnson Rebounding?

Sen. Ron Johnson is clearly headed to defeat after numerous polls showed him down 10-15 points in a rematch against Fmr. Sen. Russ Feingold. However, recent polling have shown Johnson rebounding a bit, even with a Loras poll showing him leading Feingold 5 points with other reputable (Marquette) polling showing him in striking distance of […]

Indiana Senate–Bye? Bayh?

Incumbent profile: Dan Coats (R) First elected in 2010, 1 term, retiring   Challenger profile: Evan Bayh (D) Former U.S. Senator, 2 terms; Former Governor, 2 terms   Todd Young (R) U.S. Representative, 3 terms   Pundits have been very, very careful on Bayh’s chances of returning to the Senate. Most pundits rate this race […]